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We deliver buyers.

BuyerCentric is Your Pay-Per-Sale Performance Marketing Partner

We deliver buyers.

BuyerCentric is Your Pay Per Sale Performance Marketing Partner

  • Search Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Warm Calls Transfer
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Strategic Partnerships
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Pay per Sale Performance Marketing


Years of experience in digital marketing
What we believe in

What is good for your customer is good for your business!

Our mission is to WOW your customers with an exceptional buying experience.

We don't just want people to buy from you, we want them to be blown away by the experience they have doing it.

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What we do

We Deliver Buyers

By designing and implementing a buyer-centric, omnichannel strategy tailored to your business, we will increase your customer acquisition online and grow your business.
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Search Marketing

Find new buyers on Google, Bing, and other search engines. We setup and manage profitable campaigns on all major search engines.

Affiliate Marketing

Recruit, screen, and onboard new affiliates. We will manage and grow an affiliate network of quality websites referring traffic, leads, and customers.

Email Marketing

Develop email lists of prospects and run targeted campaigns with content relevant to each recipient.

Warm Calls Transfer

Setup warm calls transfers from partners with complementary products and services.

Social Media Marketing

Setup, manage, and grow a social media presence and marketing campaigns on major social networks.

Strategic Partnerships

Develop and grow strategic partnerships with organizations having synergies leading to referral of qualified prospects.

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Pay-Per-Sale Pricing

You get paid, we get paid.
It's that simple.

We make money when you sell. Our pricing model aligns with your goals. Here is what's included:
  • Search Marketing Campaigns
  • Calls Routing & Tracking
  • Affiliate Relations Management
  • Systems and CRM Integrations
  • Exceptional Landing Pages
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Optimized Registration Paths
  • Intelligent Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Perfected Sales Funnels
  • High Performance Hosting
  • Drip Campaigns
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We deliver buyers.